When I'm Alone

Puisi bagasa Inggris kali ini judulnya - When I'm Alone ada beserta artinya juga loh dibawah yah.

At that time,
I sat on the couch.
Under a shady tree.
I sat there, in the left corner.
Filled with hope right corner, and sit together.
But my own ...

My one season there, the leaves turn yellow, brown.
Falling one by one.
Meet me alone in the left corner chair.

Still waiting for the right corner filler.

The sky blackened,
a group of white-gray clouds surround the cloud.
I feel the drops - the small drops.
There, in the left corner of the chair.

I turned to the right, ..
Dismissed my hope, my eyes glazed.
I do not cry,
tuk tired but my tears are inside.

I myself,

I go,

I'm tired.

If indeed I was destined not to love.
I know love is enough.
His shadow is enough.

And in the end,
At one time I leave the chair,
leaves it, hope it is ....
But my solitude, not forever.

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