Parable of Women - Puisi Bahasa Inggris

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Parable of Women

Today I remembered you
I write a parable
about the fascinating figure of grabbing the hearts of the world
ensnare an angel of light captivating sports
how sad you are so colorful figure around the solar system
ahay you're so cruel action for me sad

I assume you're female
you like blue sky soared
rain umbrella you hit the world when his

women you describe me
you're hot coals, you're as fresh as the wind Mamiri
you're cold - ice cold, you're soft - soft yogurt

you're my girl Narrate
is the most beautiful souls with the heart of the Indian deep sahara
gentle mother's love.

irony you girls, you're learning the art of persuasion you
because you're the world so different,
you taste,
you kitchen condiments
leads you to pivot the mud
you're ready for battle

women, I'm exhausted already about your subject
of you who always make a new breakthrough
show us the action of your opponent's greatest breakthrough
with your magic hands you're ready to prove you're capable of
hurricane hit.
embroider tsunami Aceh
a bright red color change

I assume you're female
merry women worldwide.

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