fossilized Love - poems confusion

fossilized Love
Past and present

you asked the time,
I asked the store in the folder
time you smile,
I saved the label home
spoiled your time,
I kept the tag and real tag irregular

your jokes,
I'm stuck in the right hemisphere
your display,
I was entrusted to the chest between two shoulder arms
pigtail hair,
I slotip on the edge of the ear near the temple
your body language,
I quote eyelids sliced ​​thin

what exactly are you entrusted me?
whether the bones of your first love?
what you miss the dust first?
what fossils first love?

there is to know,,
do not go out,,
even more out of life,,

I love this because the fossils to understand
car could not walk
could not have termites eating embers
so did the fossils of this love,,
not be alive anymore.

I just wait for his reincarnation.
Fossil your love has got me
from the downturn of love

lihat artinya di puisi Fosil-Fosil Cinta salam kupuciters lovers, salam sastra!

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