Search Engines Love

Search Engines Love
Love Poems - Search Engines Love
My search for love in my search engine
I have not seen in crome or yahoo
only in my search engine
I do not know you at bingg or Amazon
just me and my search engine

whether the king of search engines can find you?
whether he was able to greet you in the virtual world
while the real you?

I found you, in my search engine
although much you feel close
My heart is feeling at the heart

At that time,,,
As I tried to feel the love I carry the niches
domain for free since I began to thin out my pocket
I wrote your name as the address to the blogger as an owner skipper
captured the heart of the beautiful name of the king search

I try to log into the dashboard of your heart, I found more in
I tried the new entry, I feel older
Flavor that has not been considered previously
I Make you some of my link-in and-out ban a lot of links
For H1 with my name on my Supreme Love You
Anchor text in order to tide me over rezpect reader

I honestly do not want to lose you dear,,
I do not want you to hit the sand box grandfather.
I cried when it happened

I try optimization of all the things about you
I put a meta tag with the name of Love, Love, Love
love it more SEO friendly.

You know what is best for me happy?
Earning a menu appears when in my heart
and that's the sign you started giving your love to me $ $
I do not need paypal, I do not need a post office
I want you to transfer them directly through your love account

Since you're on page one
My heart became 1K/day and never got out of it

My love since you put backlink
you're invincible, you beat your competitors
you you're perfect you do not dazzle you aura containing elements I love sara

Love, love calls you something that fits for you
Did you want to approve my love this time?
I promise to use white hat techniques for love
Copas and others say never

greetings from me, your heart Ads

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